The annual MacKenzie Society Gathering is hosted by a Member Club. The Clubs rotate as hosts, with odd-numbered year Gatherings being held in North America, and even numbered outside of North America. The timing of the Gathering is set based on ideal weather conditions at the host Club.

Each Club sends an eight-member team to the Gathering, and most team members bring partners/spouses. Past Presidents and those who have played key roles in the Society are also invited as Guests.

Each 8-man Club Team is made up of the Club’s MacKenzie Society Director, Head Golf Professional, Club Champion, Historian (if there is one) and remaining Team members who have qualified in the Club’s Qualifying Tournament, or selected through a Club specific process.

For the Players, there’s a multi-day golf competition. For the Guests, there are planned local tours and activities, as well as golf. All attendees get together for the many social events, including the Gala Dinner. One of the Gathering’s highlights is the History Presentation, which educates the group about the origins of the golf course back when MacKenzie’s designed it, as well as evolutions, modifications, and restorations that have taken place during recent times.

Future Gatherings

2020 — Titirangi 
2021 — Green Hills 
2022 — Cork
2023 — Cypress Point 
2024 — Jockey Club 
2025 — Crystal Downs 
2026 — Claremont 
2027 — Royal Melbourne 
2028 — Pasatiempo 
2029 — Lahinch
2030 — Meadow Club 

Past Gatherings (Winning Team)

1987 — Meadow Club (Green Hills)
1988  Green Hills  (Green Hills)
1992— Pasatiempo (Pasatiempo)
1993— Valley Club (Valley Club)
1994— Crystal Downs (Green Hills)
1995— Lahinch (Pasatiempo)
1996— Meadow Club (Valley Club)
1997— Green Hills (Green Hills)
1998 — Pasatiempo  (Pasatiempo)
1999 — Valley Club (Valley Club)
2000 — Royal Melbourne (Royal Melbourne)
2001 — Crystal Downs (Pasatiempo)
2002 — Meadow Club (Meadow Club)
2003  — Green Hills  (Pasatiempo)
2004 — St. Charles (St. Charles)
2005 — Alwoodley & Moortown (Alwoodley & Moortown)
2006 — Valley Club (Valley Club)
2007 — Cypress Point (Cypress Point)
2008 — Titirangi (Titirangi)
2009 — Crystal Downs  (Pasatiempo/Meadow Club)
2010 — Cork (Titirangi)
2011 — Claremont (Royal Melbourne)
2012— Jockey Club (Titirangi)
2013 — Pasatiempo  (Pasatiempo)
2014 — Lahinch (Titirangi)
2015 — Meadow Club (Royal Melbourne)
2016 — Royal Melbourne (Cypress Point)
2017 — St. Charles (Pasatiempo)
2018 — Alwoodley & Moortown (Moortown)
2019 — Valley Club (Green Hills)

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