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The Alister MacKenzie Society represents 15 renowned MacKenzie-designed golf clubs. The Society’s focus is on history, preservation and the perpetuation of Alister MacKenzie’s design principles that make golf such an enjoyable pastime for golfers of all skill levels.

Each year the Society gets together for the Alister MacKenzie Society Gathering. Besides a multi-day golf competition amongst the Clubs, there are fascinating and educational presentations on the history and course designs of Dr. MacKenzie, plus an amazing array of social interactions amongst the hundreds of attendees.

Each Club elects a MacKenzie Society Director (five-year term) and this group comprises the governing body of the Society. A subset of the Directors, representing the Society’s original Clubs, form an executive group with, amongst their other roles, the responsibility of electing the Society President and Vice President (who both serve two-year terms).

To help further the Alister MacKenzie legacy, the Society funds and manages the Ray Haddock Lido Prize, a course architecture competition. It also donates to various Alister MacKenzie-connected non-profit causes.

Clubs & Directors

Here are 15 member clubs (and their current Director) that form The Alister MacKenzie Society:

  • Alwoodley (England) — Don Milligan
  • Claremont (CA, USA) — Joe Addiago
  • Cork (Ireland) — Alan McKnight
  • Crystal Downs (MI, USA) — Brad Heywood
  • Cypress Point (CA, USA) — Gary Vandeweghe
  • Green Hills (CA, USA) — Tom Harrelson
  • Lahinch (Ireland) — John Herlihy
  • Jockey Club (Argentina) — Daniel Benvenuto
  • Meadow Club (CA, USA) — Julius Simonini
  • Moortown (England) — Jamie Allison
  • Pasatiempo (CA, USA) — Geoff Eisenberg
  • Royal Melbourne (Australia) — Tony Brosnahan
  • St. Charles (Winnipeg, Canada) — Peter Munro
  • Titirangi (New Zealand) — Brian Cadzow
  • Valley Club (CA, USA) — Steve Newman

Officers & Past Presidents

Current Officers:
Geoff Eisenberg (Pasatiempo), President
Tony Brosnahan (Royal Melbourne), Vice President
David Rosenberger (Crystal Downs), Legal Counsel
Gene Zanardi (Green Hills), Treasurer
Gary Nelson (Meadow Club), Secretary

Past Presidents:
Scott Littman (Meadow Club)
Lynn Strait (Valley Club)
John Power (Lahinch)
Gary Vandeweghe (Cypress Point)
David Rosenberger (Crystal Downs)
Steve McHugh (Valley Club)
Don Lazzarini (Meadow Club)
Lou Smith (Crystal Downs)
Gene Zanardi (Green Hills)
Terry Bliss (Valley Club)
Robert Laubach (Crystal Downs)
Gary Nelson (Meadow Club)

Past Executive Director:
Barry Staley, 1992–2013 (Pasatiempo)

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